Alabama Scrap Laws

According to Alabama Law HB 278, Section 13A-8-37 it is unlawful to purchase the following unless verifiable documentation can be provided:

    Catalytic converters
    Metal property of a telephone company, an electric company, a cable company, a water company, or any other utility company
    Any railroad property
    Copper wire that has been burned to remove insulation
    A copper, aluminum or copper-aluminum condensing or evaporating coil, including its tubing or rods, from a heating or air conditioning unit, excluding scrap from window air conditioning units and automobile condenser coils
    Utility access covers, manhole covers, or storm drain covers
    Grave markers, vases, memorials, statues, plaques or other bronze objects used at a cemetery
    Beer kegs
    Street signs

**Seller must be AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD.

**We are required to pay by CHECK to anyone selling more than $5O worth of copper or copper-aluminum coils, and more than $5OO of all other metals.